Bob Dively ModelsBob Dively Models


All of our cockpit interiors are vacuformed from .030 thick high impact styrene plastic. They include the dash panel seat side panels consoles stick boot floor panel rudder pedals and self adhesive instrument and placard decals. The detail is crisp and precise.

Part# Description Price
I-100 P-51 for Fliteglass&Dively $24.95
I-102 P-40 for Fliteglass&Dively $24.95
I-103 1/8scale Military Jet(single seat)Generic $38.95
I-104 1/8scaleMilitary Jet(twin seat)Generic $44.95
I-105 F4U Corsair for Top Flite $24.95
I-106 1/3scale Pitts S-2 for Dively&Sheber $54.95
I-107 1/3scale Pitts S-1 for Sheber $37.95
I-108 F8F2 Bearcat for Ziroli $24.95
I-109 T-28 for Pica&Platt $26.95
I-110 J-3 Cub for Great Planes & Hangar 9 $24.95
I-111 J-3 Cub 1/4scale for Sig Balsa USA & Trillium $38.95
I-112 Civilian 2 seatw 8" wide dash $24.95
I-113 Spitfire for Pica 1/8 scale $23.95
I-114 P-38 Lightning for Ziroli $60.95
I-115 P-51 Mustang 1/4scale for Nosen & Cactus Aviation $54.95
I-116 Cessna 310 for Nosen $54.95
I-117 Stearman 1/4 scale for Dively & Godfrey $32.95
I-118 Mirage for Jet Hangar $25.50
I-119 Bucker Jungmeister 1/4scale for Platt $27.95
I-120 Civilian 4 scat w/8"wide dash $38.95
I-121 Skyhawk for Jet Hangar $25.95
I-122 F9F Cougar for Jet Hangar $25.95
I-123 P-47 Thunderbolt for Top Flite $24.95
I-124 Small ME-109 for Meister $38.95
I-125 TBF Avenger for Dively&SMI $26.95
I-126 P-40 Warhawk for Top Flite $24.95
I-127 P-51 Mustang for Top Flite $24.95
I-128 AT-6 Texan for Yellow $38.95
I-129 P-47 Thunderbolt for Ziroli $38.95
I-130 Stuka for Dively&Fliteglass $24.95
I-131 P-40 Warhawk for Byron $38.95
I-132 Stuka for Ziroli $38.95
I-133 AT-6 Insert for Midwest $24.95
I-134 P-47 Thunderbolt for Meister $48.95
I-135 ME-109 for Meister $48.95
I-136 FW-190 for Meister $48.95
I-137 F4U Corsair for Meister $48.95
I-138 Extra for Midwest $35.95
I-139 Zero For Meister $48.95
I-140 HellCat For Ziroli $38.95
I-141 Small ME-109 For Meister $38.95
I-142 P-47 for Hanger 9 ARF $48.95

Bob Dively Models Bob Dively Models


Bob Dively Models "Liquid Masking Film is the industry standard copied but never duplicated. LMF is a safe non-toxic non-flammable liquid that replaces tape on complicated masking jobs. Tight radius curves can be easily made even on curved surfaces. Leaves sharp clean lines. Masks on any non-porous surface. Can be sprayed brushed or rolled. For use on model aircraft boats trains and cars.

Size Price
4 oz. $7.95
16 oz. $19.95
32 oz. $29.95
Gallon $78.95

Bob Dively Models Bob Dively Models

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